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Benefits of Massage in Pregnancy

Alison -  16 Jan 2018 13:00:00 Other articles...

Why is massage important during pregnancy?

Your pregnant body is having to work much harder than usual and, if you are continuing to work,  then you can often feel quite tired. Booking in a regular massage can give you a space in which you can take some time out to relax and to be supported.


Finding a comfortable position during massage

I always ensure that you are in a comfortable position during the treatment and that this is appropriate for your stage of pregnancy. Generally you will be lying semi reclining, side lying or in a sitting position. I also have plenty of cushions to help you feel comfortable and I will help you change position as you need to.


What will the massage be like and how can it help me?

Massage is usually done directly on the skin with oil, and so you will undress but be covered with towels so that you can feel comfortable. A full consultation is given  before the session so that the massage can be tailor made to your particular needs. The treatment will address any problem areas and help you feel connected with your whole body and the changes which you are going through. The pressure used in the massage will vary from person to person and will range from light to deeper pressure, depending on the area. I blend my own massage blends with aromatherapy essential oils. These are specific to each persons needs and appropriate to your stage in pregnancy.


What are the benefits of massage in pregnancy?

A comforting and nurturing massage can bring welcome relief to many common pregnancy-related conditiond such as lower back pain, sciatica, swollen legs & feet, insomnia & anxiety. Massage in pregnancy also promotes well-being, increases relaxation and helps you to connect with your baby & focus on birth & motherhood

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