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I have a very stressful job and often by the end of the week can feel very tense. For me there is nothing better than going for a relaxing aromatherapy back and shoulder massage to relieve the tension. Alison is able to work wonders and restores me to my normal self ready for the week ahead. She is thoroughly recommended.

Professor Julie Macpherson, Coventry


Reflexology has helped me through both of my pregnancies. Apart from the obvious relaxation side, both of my labours were short (helped, I'm sure, by regular reflexology)

Shileen Green, Coventry


I love having massage treatments and have experienced many different forms but the Thai massage I received from Alison must rate as the most beneficial and simply the best I have ever received. Alison was able to stretch, twist and bend my body beyond what I expected it could do. I felt fantastic afterwards.

Patricia Ashman, Coventry


I am a local community midwife and have been happy to recommend Alison's services to my ladies. I have experienced her maternity reflexology treatment and have had in depth discussions with her about conception, pregnancy and childbirth and have been impressed with her extensive and detailed knowledge and the ways she is able to support a happy, healthy pregnancy in all its stages from preconception onwards.

Alex Dunderdale, Coventry

Please feel free to contact me directly for more testimonials and recommendations.

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